Radio Bug Fixes, Feedback?

Glad to see some of you have tried out our new radio solution and are enjoying it, or so I hope! We would love to hear from you. Provide some feedback, offer suggestions on new songs to add to our database, give us ideas for new radio skins! Complain about how your favourite songs are not yet on the list! Any feedback is welcomed. Just drop on over to the radio topic on the forums to leave your mark.

Fixed a few bugs in the radio code. Now that it has had some public air-time, I noticed a pattern forming on the songs it was selecting to play. I've made some changes to how our playlist generator works, and it should be a much more random selection now. Hopefully you'll hear a greater variety of songs smile Also added some statistics gathering so I can track the most requested songs, and songs that get played most often, just for curiosity.

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Open For Business: Game Music Radio and RPGN Forums

You heard it right, we're back in business. Well, sort of. The site needs some major overhauling but I am happy to announce that our forums are once again open for service (with some fresh paint, new arcade games and tweaks!) as well as our brand new game music radio solution! Both are available for you to check out right now! Go listen to some tunes, play some games in our forum arcade, and leave a message telling us how you're doing. Join in the discussions! We welcome anyone new and old. Any feedback, and suggestions are always welcomed as well. I hope you will enjoy this first step in bringing the RPGamers Network back on the map.

RPGN Game Music Radio - The RPGN Forums and Arcade

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Forums and Radio Will Re-Launch Together

Just wanted to give a quick update on our progress towards the return of the forums and radio. I would like to have everything up and running before the end of March, but no promises! Still doing some finishing touches. We have been busy adding lots of music to the radio database, making up skins for the radio player, tweaking new forum addons, and adding games to the forum arcade. Fingers crossed everything doesn't explode by the time I am done messing with it!

Lots is going on, but there isn't much to see for a little while longer. I will send our an email to anyone who was an active member of our forums previously when things do come online, so keep an eye on your inbox if that includes you!

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Game Music Radio Revival

In the spirit of trying to bring some life to our website, I have been working on a new solution for our game music radio. I spent some time creating custom software which will allow you to enjoy game music tunes via any web browser that has a flash player!

Users will also be able to make requests from our music selection and check out a log of recently played songs. There is also functions that will ensure that you don't hear the same songs too often, currently set to remember the last 50 songs played to prevent repeats. The new radio toys are not publicly available right now but if you drop by our chatroom you can help test it out. smile

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RPGN Forums Re-Opening Soon!

We don't have a lot of activity around here lately, but I thought I would post a blurb about our Forums and Arcade re-opening very soon! I have wiped the slate clean and removed all topics, which was needed to get rid of the piles of spam that had plagued our forums when we had to close it. Old account data is still intact, but you may request a username change if you desire.

I have also been working hard to add a few simple new features to our boards, which will be outlined in an announcement when they come online. The arcade has been given some tweaks, and a pile of new games added. High scores have been reset! This means you have a chance to make the leaderboards once again. Athelena and SilverDistortion were our Arcade champs before the reset, congrats to them! Hopefully we will see some new names on the top list.

I know forums are not that exciting for a site that is so quiet, but hopefully we can get this place awake again and bring some people back! Maybe we can pool our brains together to figure out the future for RPGN. Look for the grand re-opening announcement coming this month smile

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RPGamers Network group on Steam

Since we had a few people playing on Steam, I figured I would create a group for RPGN. Just a little place for us to share what games we have been playing on Steam, we can have get-togethers on games, or recommend games.

If anyone wishes to join, come into the IRC channel (for those who are too lazy to figure out: #RPGN)

It's 'invite only' to prevent those who are not a part of our site from joining. I assure you it will be the same, friendly feel you have here in our community.

See you soon! ^_^

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French File-sharers in distress?

Well, I figured this could be site news material since we have our own torrent page. But this just in (or couple of hours later), the French law (codename: Hadopi) of anti-piracy has been taken effect.

The law will have copyrighted infringers will be hunted down in an attempt to decrease piracy. Copyright holders are in the process in sending thousands of IP-addresses of allege infringers to Internet Service Providers and will increase to over a million in a couple of weeks. ISP's will have to hand over identities of the associated accounts within a week, or a fine of 1500 euros per unidentified IP-address.

Couple of comments on a blog says this plan would be a complete failure for serious file-sharers. This is because people could go on another network or wi-fi, or use a fake IP address. They also say it would be a complete waste of money and resources.

Now to come up with a witty comment...

...Spy sappin my torrents? (only few would get this joke) o_O

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Magicite server downtime, site updates

For the past two days, we have been completing some maintenance on the Magicite server (which hosts our torrent tracker and IRC chatroom, as well as a few sub-sites) to try and recover data from a damaged hard disk. I did manage to recover some data, but the disk is now toast, and new hardware has been installed. Unfortunately this has also caused the server IP to change, but DNS changes should already be propagating for our domains, and there should be no further downtime regarding this situation.

I also just wanted to post a little blurb letting you all know that we are actually making some progress with the control panel and site back-end. Although most of the changes in the last few weeks are not visible to our general readers, we have been making many fixes and tweaks around the site. For instance, you can now search the news at the bottom of each news page, and can also subscribe to our RSS feeds. Custom feed options such as category sorting will come soon as well. The lyrics search function has also been re-written and works a little better. The control panel is coming along, and has also been given a bit of a facelift. Hopefully we can have it fully functioning soon. (I won't dare guess a date, or we certainly won't make it!) Anyways, just wanted to say that we are not dead! laughing

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New Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Screens

Okay, we admit crossovers are silly...but a crossover between Disney and Final Fantasy became so bad ass and awesome. Now we see progress on Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep for the PSP, coming out January 9th 2010 in Japan, and we present some screenshots!

There are a bunch of screenshots appearing online, so I will pick out the ones that seem most interesting.

Continue reading »

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Site and Community Very Quiet...

Greetings to those who still read our news! As you can see, site activity around here is at quite a low, for many reasons. One, its summertime, and things always slow down around this time of year. The forums however, have been quiet well before summer came along, and it seems they can't manage to get a kick-start. As for site development, control panel development is almost at a stand-still with work having me bogged down more then ever. Also sadly, our VGM radio streams are currently down due to the loss of our broadcasting server. To top it all off, the gaming community has been fairly calm lately, with no really interesting news to post!

I hope you will bear with us as we work through this phase and maybe feel free to drop by our forums, they could use a friendly hello and some new faces even! We would love any feedback you may have as well as suggestions to liven things up a little.

I guess I just wanted to post something, to let people know we are still alive, and I am still thinking about this place all the time! One day I hope I can bring it back to its previous glory, in whatever fashion we can manage to work up!

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