RPGN Forums Re-Opening Soon!

We don't have a lot of activity around here lately, but I thought I would post a blurb about our Forums and Arcade re-opening very soon! I have wiped the slate clean and removed all topics, which was needed to get rid of the piles of spam that had plagued our forums when we had to close it. Old account data is still intact, but you may request a username change if you desire.

I have also been working hard to add a few simple new features to our boards, which will be outlined in an announcement when they come online. The arcade has been given some tweaks, and a pile of new games added. High scores have been reset! This means you have a chance to make the leaderboards once again. Athelena and SilverDistortion were our Arcade champs before the reset, congrats to them! Hopefully we will see some new names on the top list.

I know forums are not that exciting for a site that is so quiet, but hopefully we can get this place awake again and bring some people back! Maybe we can pool our brains together to figure out the future for RPGN. Look for the grand re-opening announcement coming this month smile

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New forums ftw laughing

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