French File-sharers in distress?

Well, I figured this could be site news material since we have our own torrent page. But this just in (or couple of hours later), the French law (codename: Hadopi) of anti-piracy has been taken effect.

The law will have copyrighted infringers will be hunted down in an attempt to decrease piracy. Copyright holders are in the process in sending thousands of IP-addresses of allege infringers to Internet Service Providers and will increase to over a million in a couple of weeks. ISP's will have to hand over identities of the associated accounts within a week, or a fine of 1500 euros per unidentified IP-address.

Couple of comments on a blog says this plan would be a complete failure for serious file-sharers. This is because people could go on another network or wi-fi, or use a fake IP address. They also say it would be a complete waste of money and resources.

Now to come up with a witty comment...

...Spy sappin my torrents? (only few would get this joke) o_O

Posted in Site News by Marona Member on September 21st 2010 at 6:09pm 3 Comments
#1 posted by Charon on September 23rd 2010 at 6:05pm

Good post. I wasn't aware of this. Seems they're following Australia's hardline stance.
Seriously, there has to be a better way.

Also, surprised kilu hasn't posted to mention the news regarding steam. Steam now not only keeps your games patched, uploads your saves and config to the steam cloud, but can also automatically detect your graphics card and keep your drivers up to date.

Hooray for automation!

#2 posted by Kilu Member on September 24th 2010 at 6:18am

That's only on AMD's gfx cards and Steam Cloud is only supported by some of the games.

And I'm also lazy.

#3 posted by Charon on October 1st 2010 at 6:57pm

Lucky me for having a radeon then. Steam cloud is still useful. Now if only Games developers could stop putting GFWL in games. Sucks I had to pirate Dead Rising 2 just so I could play it.

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