Sound Test X: About Time released!

It's About Time too!

The's own little music collection project has been on hiatus for a while now, much like the rest of the site has been. Sound Test 9 was released August 2006, and that's probably longer than anyone thought it had been, but the time just passes so fast these days I guess. We made the first forum announcement about the starting of the Sound Test 10 on 27th of February, 2008, which is when some of us started picking our tracks. We never set a schedule for it, knowing that we probably couldn't stick to one anyway. As I recall, we a got a fair amount of submissions reasonably fast, but as active members were but a handful, we came up short. As with everything else, we needed more people. And so it took us quite a while to get a CD's worth of music ready.

But even after that it wasn't smooth sailing. BAMAToNE, who was managing STX, got busy, and doing the finalizing of the files and tracklist took longer than expected. When he finally was able to do that, just a few days ago, he forwarded the final tracklist to silverDistortioN for the artwork. And even then our STX birthing troubles were not behind us. When silverDistortioN was making the covers, his Photoshop crashed and he lost the original cover. Which was apparently superior to the final (still awesome) cover.

So now it's finally out. If you know how to use BitTorrent, you can get it from The Torrent Tracker. If you don't know how to, fear not. Locke has now posted the album on our media server for direct download as well!

Direct Download: Complete Album (ZIP) - Individual Files

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Server Maintenance, Expected Downtime (IRC, Torrents)

This is just a quick note to let everyone know that we have some planned maintenance coming up in the next few days. This will affect the chat (IRC) server, as well as the torrents. The tracker will be unreachable during this time.

We expect the maintenance to begin either late Wednesday night, or on Thursday during the day. Estimated downtime is less then 3 hours. As more information is available, I will make a follow-up news post with exact times for the work to be done.

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Radio streams back up, default site skin rotation

Well we had a day or two of downtime, but the radio streams are back up, and much more stable! I upgraded the stream box and it should run much more smoothly now. I hope to add more music to the playlist soon as well, even though the list is already quite large! If you encounter any issues with listening to our streams, be sure to let us know by commenting on this news post or dropping a message on our forums!

Also, I have rotated the default skin, as I feel many of our visitors are unaware that they can change the look of the site! Currently there are only two fairly similar skins available, but more will be coming along as we develop the site more! You can change your skin at any time with the 'Edit Site Options' link on the right side menu. This sort of custom configuration will be part of your user account once the control panel is completed...

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Tracker needs users, new poll, site tweaks

Thought I should drop a little note about our torrent tracker. We are always seeking people to help seed the albums, as well as people to come and enjoy them! (I never thought I would have to ask people to leech our files, heh). The tracker has a built in request feature, so you can ask us to post up any albums you might want but currently cannot find! We will do our best to fill requests as we can. I never know what to post next, so adding your requests helps a great deal! Drop on over and check it out. Sign-up for our tracker is simple, and only takes a few clicks!

Just keeping up with minor tweaks and quirks of the site, as my free time has been limited. I added a new site poll for this month, and changed the way the recent torrents table at the top of the main index updates itself. It should stay much more accurate now. I've been doing some minor changes as well to optimize the database, but those effects are not really visible to most users. wink

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Left 4 Dead Expansion Pack: Date Announced

The Left 4 Dead downloadable content will be available to download on the the Xbox 360 starting from April 21 2009 on the Live network. The download will be free of charge and includes new modes, including a multiplayer option named Survival and two new campaigns for the versus mode.

There has been no set date for the PC version but a Valve spokesman has expressed the company would like to release the add-on on or around the same date.

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Radio page updated, milestone reached

Just made some small changes to the radio page, everything should be accurate. The streams have been up 24/7 for a few weeks now, and I see some regular listeners! Great to see. I am still working out a method to allow users to request songs for the playlist, that will come later on.

On a side note, yesterday we surpassed a site milestone which should be noted. We had our 1,000,000th page view since site re-launch! It happened sometime yesterday, around 5:30pm. Hooray. Hopefully I can find some more spare time to continue progress on the upcoming control panel and we can get this place moving again. Oh, and Happy St. Patrick's Day to all as well! laughing

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News script updated as control panel work progresses

After many hours of tinkering with code and coming up with ideas, we have launched a new news script for our site. Right now it doesn't look much different at all, but there are some major changes which we will soon be able to enjoy, such as sorting news by category, RSS feeds and searching.

Also, not yet available to all but is in the works, the comments system is integrated with the control panel login system, so you don't have to enter your information each time, and can easily keep track of follow-up responses. Much work is happening, but mostly in the background right now. More to come!

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Minor changes, Radio Downtime

I haven't had a lot of free time to work on the site, but I just made some minor changes to how the site handles incoming traffic from old URLs. Should mean many less 404 page hits, and more updated indexing in the future. Most old links should still work, but point you to the new page. Also, the radio streams have been down for the weekend. I am aware of this, and will have them restored very shortly.

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Our VGM Radio is back! 24/7 Streams Revived


Our radio system has been changed! This news posting is old. Please visit our radio page to check out our new VGM radio!

RPGN Radio

Well, its been quite a long time, but our radio streams are back up. We have done some testing, but there is still some changes to be made. For now, its a fairly random playlist of 34,000+ VGM files. We are working out some features for it, and hope to have them available sometime soon. If you want to have a listen, here's the links:

RPGN VGM Radio ~ High Quality:
Listen Now!

If you are using a different media player, you can try using those playlist files, or connect to the stream by entering the manual URLs. Also note, this is actual live streaming radio, not quite like our music streamer on the right side menu. You will hear a much greater variety of music on these streams.

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Welcome to the new RPGamers Network!

Hello everyone, and Merry Christmas! Welcome to the new RPGamers Network website! We still have a lot of work to be done before the site is fully functional, but we thought it was in good enough shape to put it up live, and let everyone submit some feedback and poke around. Some areas are pretty much finished, such as Lyrics and Reviews. Also, if you look on the side menu, there is an option to change the 'site skin'. There are currently only two skins, but we plan to add more later on!

The backend of the site still needs a lot of work, but we would love to hear your comments and suggestions! Please pop over to the forums thread here or leave a comment under the news posting! We want any and all feedback. Find a bug, something look wrong? Got a question? Feel free to post!

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