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Album Title Rating
19XX: The War Against Destiny OST 72
Actraiser Symphonic Suite 86
Alundra OST 98
Breath of Fire III OST 92
Bust a Move OST 80
Chocobo Racing OST 74
Chrono Cross OST 80
Chrono Trigger: The Brink of Time 90
Chrono Trigger: The Brink of Time 65
Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix OST 90
DDRMAX Dance Dance Revolution 6th Mix OST 65
Dragon Quest Brass Suite: Music from Dragon Quest 80
Dragon Quest III: Into the Legend... Symphonic Suite 100
Einhänder OST 100
F-Zero 100
F-Zero X Guitar Arrange Edition 100
Falcom J.D.K. Band 1 90
Falcom Neo Classic: From Studios In London City 90
Final Fantasy IV: Celtic Moon 92
Final Fantasy IV: Piano Collections 93
Final Fantasy IX OST Plus 95
Final Fantasy IX: Piano Collections 98
Final Fantasy Tactics OST 89
Final Fantasy Tactics: Unreleased Tracks 77
Final Fantasy VI: Grand Finale 70
Final Fantasy VI: Piano Collections 93
Final Fantasy VI: Piano Collections 97
Final Fantasy VII OST 87
Final Fantasy VII: Reunion Tracks 91
Final Fantasy VIII OST 99
Final Fantasy VIII: Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec 90
Final Fantasy VIII: Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec 86
Final Fantasy VIII: Piano Collections 77
Final Fantasy X OST 79
Final Fantasy X OST 93
Final Fantasy: 20020220 Music from Final Fantasy 89
Final Fantasy: Symphonic Suite 100
Final Fantasy: The Black Mages 94
Final Fantasy: The Black Mages 89
Final Fantasy: Vocal Collections I "Pray" 94
Final Fantasy: Vocal Collections II "Love Will Grow" 88
Game Music Concert 2 ~ The Best Selection 89
Game Music Concert 3 87
Game Music Concert 5 ~ Live Best Collection 88
Game Music Concert ~ The Best Selection 83
Genso Suikoden Music Collection: Produced by Kentaro Haneda 90
Gradius 2: Space Odyssey "Gofer's Ambition" 29
Gran Turismo OGS 95
Grandia: Arrange Version "Vent" 95
ICO ~Melody in the Mist~ 34
James Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies OST 64
Jet Set Radio OST 93
Legend of Mana / Seiken Densetsu OST 97
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Hyrule Symphony 83
Legend of Zelda: Sound & Drama 82
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty OST 75
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty OST 2 "The Other Side" 75
Metal Gear Solid OGS 90
Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit OST 95
Nights ~ A Nights Remix: Another Dreams 83
Ogre Battle Image Album: The Entrance 63
Ogre: Grand Repeat 98
Panzer Dragoon: Orta Official Soundtrack 41
Phantasmagoria 74
Project Majestic Mix: A Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu (Gold Edition) 90
R-Type Delta OST 41
R4: Ridge Racer Type 4 Direct Audio 95
Radical Dreamers (Gamerip) 79
Riven OST 80
Rockman X Alph-Lyla with Toshiaki Otsubo 85
Rudra's Hidden Treasure (Rudra no Hihou) OSV 79
Salamander Pro-Fusion 86
Secret of Evermore OST 70
Shining Force III OST 69
Silent Hill OST 76
Smash Brothers Melee DX Orchestra Concert 85
Sonic Adventure 2 multi-dimensional OST 91
Sonic the Hedgehog: 10th Anniversary 85
Spyro the Dragon II - Ripto's Rage (PSX Rip) 90
Square Vocal Collection 80
Star Ocean Perfect Sound Collection 88
Star Ocean: The Second Story Arrange Album 87
Star Ocean: The Second Story OST 85
Street Fighter II "Sing!!" Instrumental Version 88
Super Metroid "Sound In Action" 76
Tales of Phantasia OST Complete Version 92
Tsugunai OST (An Cinniùint) 89
Valkyrie Profile Voice Mix Arrange 32
Wave Race 64: Kawasaki Jet Ski OST 75
Wild Arms OGS 95
Wip3out 87
WipEout XL OST 85
Xenogears OST 87
Xenogears: Creid 92
Xenogears: Creid 88
Xenosaga OST 100
Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys Perfect Collection Vol. 1 92
Total Game Music Reviews: 97