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Final Fantasy Tactics: Unreleased Tracks
Published by: Gamerip
Release Date: November 30th -0001

Composed by: Hitoshi Sakimoto, Masaharu Iwata, Myu, Mitsui

1 Disc, 32 Tracks
Catalog: There is no catalog entry for this album.

Reviewed by: S3KI

Explanation is no doubt necessary. This is not an official release. The only reason we have our dirty little paws on this music is thanks to Moiee from #gamemp3s on DALnet for having the Japanese Final Fantasy Tactics and sending it to the_miker, who we thank for ripping. Yay.


Err, okay then. Enough with the conversing. Some of these tracks were written by the normal composers, and some were written by two mystery people, "Myu" and "Mitsui." We have no idea who they are, although their music is quite fun and entertaining to listen to. Some of the tracks (like Mitsui 03 and 04) are soft and beautiful. Others like Mitsui 02 and Apoplexy - Variation are the normal fast moving battle songs we expect from Final Fantasy Tactics. And then there are songs like Mitsui 07 and Myu 01 that are darker, more likely from later on in the game.

The randomness of the songs takes away from the collection as an album... but thankfully this isn't an album. It's just assorted songs. ^_^ The last 10 songs (23 - 32) are assorted fanfares, from what I don't know.

Some of my personal favorites on this album include Mitsui 04 (which I've given an improvised title for: "Far Away Lands"wink. The pizzicato strings at the beginning with forlorn flute and pompous percussion (I'm just full of useful adjectives!) really give a feel of foreign and grand places. It makes you want pictures of Egyptian palaces or something. ^_~

Another interesting song is Mitsui 06 (yes, I gave this one a name too... "Dark Days"wink. With the softly continuous percussion and complimentary lower brass, you get a feel for a land in trouble... it's actually quite inspiring. It sends out a message of need, but also a feeling of depression as if it's too late.

Myu 01 is a very fun sounding song. I gave this song the name "Spitfire Catwalk.”... Don't ask me where it came from. I suppose the weird bells in the background give an impression of heights (the catwalk... walking over danger kind of thing). The fire I suppose is the danger, and it really completes the image of a tense situation, very close to danger and living on the edge.

I have a theory about the Mitsui and Myu songs; I think they were another either pair or singletons who applied for the job to do the music to the game, wrote some concept pieces based on what they knew of the game, and then didn't get the job. Or they did, but were later scrapped for Hitoshi and Masaharu. All in all, this little collection of random FFT-sounding music is fun to listen to, but it's short and sort of lacking. So, if you want a few more cool tracks, check this out.

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