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Final Fantasy VI: Grand Finale
Published by: NTT Publishing
Release Date: May 25th 1994

Composed by: Nobuo Uematsu
Arranged by: Shiro Sagisu, Tsuneyoshi Saito

1 Disc, 11 Tracks
Catalog: PSCN-5004

Reviewed by: Mithrandir

This CD is not a normal soundtrack of game music.
Some will be deceived by the arrangements made because some don't have the same style as the original. Oh, I almost forgot. All the track on this CD are orchestrated. Let's do this track-by-track.

The CD starts with an amazing arrangement of the opening sequence of Final Fantasy VI. Listening to this track will automatically make you remember about the beginning of the game. This track includes a mix of the "Opening theme" (Not to be confused with the music that plays when you see FF6 appear on the screen) and of "The Wanderer of Time" which is Terra's theme. This is one goo track. You won't get bored hearing to it over and over.

The second track is an arrangement of Kefka's theme. This arrangement gives more the impression that he could be a clown... smile. It's calm and sounds funny and then turns into a waltz style to become funny again. This is fun to listen.

The next track is the music from the Phantom Forest, but we can hear it at many places. (Darryl's tomb, some dungeons, and other places). This is a soft song and it's good music.

The fourth track is Gau's theme. The theme is rearranged in a Classical style and since I don't like Gau's theme, I don't like this song. But, some people might like this track.

The Chocobo theme. All the FF's have this one in a different style. FF5 had Mambo de Chocobo, FF6 had Techno de Chocobo, etc. This time, Nobuo offers us a "Milan de Chocobo". The song is fun, but becomes repetitive. And for Chocobo song, it is way too much calm and soft.

"The troops march on" is one of my favorite ones. The theme of the empire base near Doma Castle is one I will never forget. Nobuo decided to keep a march tempo for this one. He did a great job on this one.

"Kids run through the city corner" is the theme from many towns. Since I don't like town themes, I didn't like this one. But for those who might like town themes. This track is rearranged in a Classical style.

"Blackjack" is Setzer's airship theme (the first one). I remember the original song, it was very good. I was deceived to see that Nobuo didn't keep the same style for this one. He changed into a more classical style, and that makes the song soft, slow and boring. This one is to avoid.

The title of the next song speaks for itself. This time, Nobuo kept basically the same song as the original. It describes the softness of Relm. (Gosh, I hate saying this). Nobuo makes play the solo part by a bagpipe. My verdict: So-so.

"The Mystery train" is rearranged in a jazz-style. Since I like jazz, I like this song. The track is played by a piano and a violin, and reflects the ambiance of the mystery train.

The last track is the song that Celes sings at the opera. Unfortunately, the lyrics are in Italian. But it remains a very good arrangement.

Since I didn't like all the songs, I can't put a 100. Many people hate this album and did not like it. I can't say I like all songs but some are good, like the Opening theme. It's something all players of FF6 should listen at because it's great work. So I give 70 out of 100. The CD is still on the market and you can find it easily.

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