Nintendo E3 2012 Press Conference, Nintendo E3 All-Access

Nintendo E3 All-Access, first thing to note is that the black WiiU and the WiiU GamePad (note the capitalization, that's the official name for it) looks kind of slick. The console supports two GamePads, as expected but now it's confirmed. Some reiteration of the Miiverse stuff from the Direct Access stream, will eventually be accessible from just about any modern browser.

First game they showed was Pikmin 3, apparently a game that everyone's been waiting for. New rock Pikmin, breaks hard objects. Basic controls use the Wiimote+ and the Nunchuck combo, WiiU GamePad will always show the map. Miyamoto carries spare Pikmins in his pocket.

New Super Mario Bros U, looks a whole lot like all the other New Super Mario Bros games, some kind of flying squirrel suit confirmed. That might have actually been in the earlier games too, I haven't played them.

Batman Arkham City - Armored Edition, starts with a little soundbite from the Harley Quinn (well, the actress, Tara Strong, obviously) talking back at Reggie and stuff, that's kind of neat little touch to have in the conference. Armored Edition comes bundled with armored costumes for both Batman and Catwoman, and uses the GamePad for gadget interaction it seems. Maybe worth mention is that it's not being done at Rocksteady, but is outsourced to some other developer whose name I didn't catch.

Scribblenauts: Unlimited, Jeremiah Slaczka (the creator of Scribblenauts) is wearing great shoes. WiiU version will have some kind of all new multiplayer mode.

Third party montage, showing Darksiders 2, Mass Effect 3, Tank! Tank! Tank!, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Trine 2 Director's Cut (Yay! Finland! Represent!), Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge and Aliens: Colonial Marines.

WiiFitU, lots of fitness minigames. Reggie's body is ready.

Sing (working title), performance game where everyone sings. Isn't that true for all of those karaoke games? Anyways, GamePad used to display lyrics so you are not facing the TV, but instead can face your audience/friends.

Lego City: Undercover, not really sure what this game is supposed to be. Grand Theft Auto in Lego city, with the familiar Lego mechanics from the other Lego games? Maybe? Probably not, but I just can't tell.

Ubisoft pimped out some of the same games they already showed on their own conference earlier, ZombiU, Rayman Legends, Just Dance 4, Rabbids Land, Assassin's Creed 3, Yourshape sequel, Sports Connection and Avengers. Looks like you can use the GamePad as a scanner, sonar, sniper rifle, hacking minigame and inventory in ZombiU.

NintendoLand, a virtual theme park. That's what they call the minigame collection they ended the show with. It seems destined to be the bundle game for this system when it launches. A lot of the tech demos from last year's E3 probably transformed into this.

Some minor 3DS news was sprinkled here and there, I'll just put them here at the end because the conference was really all about the WiiU. Firstly, there's going to be an hour long Nintendo Direct stream specifically directed for 3DS owners at 6pm PDT on Wednesday. They are calling it Software Showcase, so I guess you can expect them to showcase some software for you. Other than that tidbit of info, they showed some footage of New Super Mario Bros 2, which is all about GOLD! And raccoon tails. Paper Mario: Sticker Star was also shown, in which you collect stickers and apparently use them as battle items. More info on Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, multiple mansions, mission based challenges, arrives this holiday. Lego City: Undercover is also on its way to 3DS. And to close the short 3DS segment they had a third party montage trailer, featuring short clips of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate, Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion, Scribblenauts: Unlimited and Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (horrible horrible name).

Still no clear idea of what this machine can or can't do. Arkham City looked pretty much the same from the short clips they showed, and considering it's an outsourced port, it's probably not going to get any kind of special treatment.

In conclusion, oh god oh god I hate these kind simulated social event trailers that Nintendo started with the Wii. It just looks so incredibly dumb. Hey look at us, just friends having a lot of fun with this console in the most annoying way possible. Anyways, now that the conferences are behind us, I'll try to compile some good trailers and gameplay clips in the coming days.

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Sony E3 2012 Press Conference

Sony's press conference started with a long montage of all kinds of games that are on Sony's platforms. Kind of too long, if you ask me. And then Jack Tretton kind of talks even longer. I kind of felt that that was the main problem with this years event for Sony. Lots and lots of talk.

Beyond: Two Souls, new game from Heavy Rain developers. Ellen Page plays the lead role. Face detail is very nice, but it's hard to gauge anything else from the short and rather simple demo. Not really sure what to make of it at all really, what kind of game is it.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is a terrible terrible name, and I guess that works out all right because it looks just like Super Smash Bros Melee, and that's terrible as well, right? The game doesn't appear to have a traditional health meter, winner is determined by scores, and you grab scores by using your supermove to kill other players. Two new playable characters unveiled, Nathan Drake and Big Daddy. Out on holiday this year.

The Oprah moment was a little weird I think. They gave a year of PSN+ for everyone in the conference. Way to juice the crowd in the middle of the conference. Back when Microsoft gave away those slim Xbox360's they at least had the class to wait right up until the end of the event.

Call of Duty Black Ops: Classified for Vita, an all new CoD experience on your handheld system, just the way you want to play your big triple A titles, right? Uh huh.

Assassin's Creed III: Liberation for Vita, first lady assassin as the lead character in the series, they promise a proper AC experience for the handheld, and some connectivity between this and PS3 console game with unlocks and other nonsense like that.
Assassin's Creed III PS3 demonstration, BOATS. They demo a sea battle event, you steer the boat around and fire some cannons at other boats. At least it's not tower defense minigame. Looks great, they talk about the weather system and it starts raining during the demo. How convenient, but it looks really nice. AC3 will also get its own PS3 hardware bundle and some exclusive DLC.

FarCry 3 multiplayer demo. First thing I really notice is the really ugly and heavy shadow pop-in. It's really noticeable. The gameplay itself seems a little messy. 4 player co-op campaign, map editor, and free exclusive DLC.

Wonderbook, augmented reality nonsense. Some kind of Harry Potter related Spell Book will the first released book. You learn spells and stuff, uses Sony's Eye camera and Move controller.

God of War: Ascension, yep, it's another God of War game. I mean it looks great, but man, it's just another God of War game. Of course if you like those games, I allow you to excited. Dated for March 12, 2013.

The Last of Us, looks pretty great. Impressive faces, but hard to say anything about the rest. Seems really brutal, survival seems like a key concept.

It's a little funny how much Tretton talks about innovation and creativity, and then the only games developed internally at Sony (if I caught this all right) are another God of War game, PlayStation Smash Brothers clone and an augmented reality book. Even the Sony exclusives from Naughty Dog and Quantic Dream, look totally fine, but are certainly not grabbing any innovation awards.

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Ubisoft E3 2012 Press Conference, Ubisoft E3 Media Briefing

Ubisoft E3 Media Briefing ended a little later than the schedule said, so I'm also a little late. Yes, that's my excuse, it's not that I went to have a snack after the conference or anything.

Ubi started with Just Dance 4, and brought out a bunch of sexy dancers. Okay, I'm not into dance games but if you want to get my attention anyway, I guess that's one way to do it. The dance performance turned into a live performance by some artist I don't know. Turn out it was some guy called Flo Rida, and his mike was popping really bad.

Also, Aisha Tyler is the host of this. That seems odd. But anything is better than Mr. Caffeine, so I'll give her a chance. And apparently there's also a co-host of sorts, some guy called Tobuscus. No idea who that is either.

FarCry 3, the island has changed the protagonist, the hunted becomes the hunter. Whoa digital boobs. Okay, they just totally started the FarCry 3 section with a sex scene between the protagonist, and some chick, and they didn't even censor the boobs. Radical. Also, after they stop and the camera pans around, you see an audience. Yep, that's a little weird. Game looks great though, best digital boobs I've seen this E3 so far. Bunch of gameplay, guns, stabbings, releasing tigers (TIGERS!), watching tigers kill some dudes and then the dude kills the tigers. Some kind of really weird dream sequence, dude is tripping bad. Coming soon. Big world to explore, also a multiplayer mode. This might turn out to be a real weird game.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist, co-op mode from Conviction is back. Also the fan favorite Spies vs Mercs mode. Welcome to the 4th Echelon trailer. I still can't quite figure out if this is a reboot. My Splinter Cell knowledge is weak.

Then they showed a bunch of WiiU stuff.
Avengers: Battle for Earth, some kind of superhero game. Milking that sizzling hot Avengers name right now, though the style is very clearly based on the comics. Also coming for Kinect.
Rayman Legends looks a lot like Rayman Origins, just with added WiiU functionality. One player was using the special controller to cut ropes and lift things while others were doing more traditional platforming. They showed and interesting and kind of funny music level, totally reminded me of this autoplay Super Mario World youtube videos.
ZombiU, what a terrible terrible name for a game. Just, really bad. So a zombie survival game exclusively for WiiU, but only a CGI trailer was shown, so no idea what the game actually is.
And to close the WiiU section, they had a short montage that showed at least Rabbids game, random sports activities, fitness, some kart racing game and Just Dance 4.

Assassin's Creed III, looks absolutely gorgeous. They made a special point to mention that this is American history with very well known characters, during a conflict that shaped the country and in essence affected the entire world. Connor is wrecking some redcoats in a trailer, with the final target being a Templar who also happens to be a redcoat general or something. Showing a lot of gameplay, bunch of snow in New England. Oh my god, the tree parkour looks glorious. All the faces seem to be looking great. I know that's a weird thing to mention specifically, but for some reason the faces in AC series have always bothered me. They have gotten better with each iteration, and Revelation looked great already, so I'm glad that this remains true. Horses are back, and there's also deep snow. Looks splendid. I can not wait for this game. I'm ready now, give it to me.

Shootmania: Storm, oh god no, gamergirls on stage. Apparently they can actually play, based on the merits the hosts give them, but the fact that they were all wearing short shorts (while the dudes in the other team were wearing, you know, pants) kind of made it weird. They were all pretty hot though, so damn you Ubisoft, mission accomplished. Still, the notion of "gamergirls" is a thing I'd like to go away.

Watch Dogs. Completely new game from Ubisoft, did not see this coming at all. Looks like some kind of open world digital terrorist and/or vigilante game. Looks really cool. You basically have control of the city, and can hack everything. Really digging the demo they are giving, even when it turns into a third person shooter in the end. Not really quite sure if the ending was indication of multiplayer, or multiple playable characters or what.

And that was the conference. Really impressed. And perhaps to my surprise, Aisha Tyler was a pretty good host, even though some of the over the top jokes fell a little flat. To summarize, Ubisoft brings you the tits and ass of 2012.

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Electronic Arts E3 2012 Press Conference, Download 2012

EA conference ended 10 minutes ago as I'm writing this, and it was kind of a let down.
They called it Download 2012, and emphasized in the beginning of how the game that we play have transformed over the years from a boxed product into a service. Thus the name. Apparently we were supposed to see 10 great games from 10 great developers.

Dead Space 3. Looks great. They are promising new locations, new characters and co-op campaign. I haven't played the second game yet, so I have no idea if the second dude is new character or not. Lots and lots of action, and then they get eaten, I think. Yeah, the guy on stage makes a poop joke "they are not getting out of there the same way they went in", that's just great. But I can't help but thing that Gears of War 2 kind of did this already.

Lots of EA Sports stuff. NFL has an all new Infinity Engine that basically seems to mean that there are no fixed outcomes on physics interactions. After your dude has been tackled, depending on the tackler weight, speed, mass, all that stuff, it's entirely possible to regain your balance, also based on your speed, weight and all that. Sounds pretty cool. All kinds of snazzy connectivity things, manage your teams through all your devices. And there's also some kind of Facebook NFL game, or app.
UFC, finally coming to EA, officially.
FIFA13, social networking to the max, Your FIFA Club profile will seamlessly transfer over to FIFA13. Everything is also connected in the world of FIFA.

Maxis came on stage with two Sim City games. First, the original city builder comes to Facebook with Sim City Social, with a trailer that has multiple jabs towards Zynga's CityVille. One might even call them Zynga zingers. I know, I'm terrible. They also show a trailer for the next proper Sim City title, and date it to February 2013. First Sim City to have multiplayer, dynamic challenges (like, who builds the airport the fastest, or something I guess), so that's also connected.

Battlefield Premium service. It's kind of like CoD Elite service. You get all the DLCs, more guns, more vehicles, more everything for the subscription instead of buying things piecemeal.

Star Wars: The Old Republic. The presentation reeks of desperation. Hey guys, it's totally doing okay, we are still totally doing more content for it, hey guys, guys, please keep playing it. And then they show a trailer for some of the upcoming stuff.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter, tier 1 operators are back, beard guy included. Real world hotspots, which are probably going to be a little out-dated when the game actually comes out. Runs on Frostbite 2 and looks really good. Multiplayer campaign with a trailer that has absolutely terrible music in it.

Criterion's Need for Speed: Most Wanted. An open world game with second generation auto-log, makes competition out of everything. Looks great, looks like a Criterion game for sure. Crash camera, driving through billboards, crashing through fences. So while it's a game in the Need for Speed franchise, it seems more like a true sequel to Burnout Paradise with some Most Wanted sprinkled on top.

Last, Crysis 3. Appears to play a lot like Crysis 2, dude has a bow. 7 areas to explore, all of which are part of this urban rainforest.

And that's that. Really lackluster showing. Lots of games we already knew about, or games that came out like last year. No shockers, no sizzle, no show.

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Microsoft E3 2012 Press Conference, Xbox Entertainment Evolved

Microsoft Press Conference ended about an hour ago and I took some notes. You are welcome. tongue

They called it Xbox Entertainment Evolved, and I'm really digging this music that they are playing before the actual thing starts. I think I'll talk about the games first, and the rest comes later, how would you like that? Good? Yes, okay.

And were are in it. Starting the show with the showstopper, Halo 4 live action/CGI trailer. Then going into some gameplay. Looks totally Halo, but these guys have the technology down a lot better than Bungie ever did, looks gorgeous. Master Chief kicks some ass, fights Covenant and non-Covenant bad guys, Forerunner defensive AI, picks up some Forerunner weapons (it was called Scattershot, so it's probably just a cool looking shotgun). Some story exposition, Cortana is an 8 year old AI, and AI's start deteriorating after 7 years.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist from Ubisoft. Initial disappointment, as Sam Fisher isn't voiced by Michael Ironside anymore. Prequel, reboot? No idea, looks totally cool though. Seems like there are a lot of executions, which basically looks like the game is almost playing itself on those parts. That's probably just the demo though, juiced up the execution meter to show cool shit. Climbing and stuff, seemingly has some Assassin's Creed influences. Spring 2013.

EA brings Kinect to more EA Sports titles. FIFA and Madden NFL will both have voice commands, you can change formations and substitute players on the fly on FIFA. For Madden they bring out Joe Montana on stage, apparently some kind of Hall of Fame quarterback, and he calls plays in Madden with voice commands. That's all totally cool, but I'm never going to play either of those games.

Short trailer break with back to back trailers.
Fable: The Journey, the first person Kinect magic shooter that still looks like it's on rails and also looks like garbage.
Gears of War: Judgment CGI trailer starring your favorite and mine, Beard.
Forza trailer, pretty cars, dubstep. Wub Wub.

Crystal Dynamics showed of the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot. Gameplay looks like some kind of hybrid between the old Tomb Raider exploration and kind of familiar cover based 3rd person shooter. So also kind of like Uncharted, I guess. Lara shoots dudes with a bow, shotgun and performs a pretty brutal and up close knife kill on a dude, and gets in pretty bad shape by riding down a waterfall, flying with a parachute and falling down after that. Looks good, but still not quite sure what the structure of that game is going to be, and I'm still not digging the new voice.

3 new original titles coming to Xbox 2013, short trailers for each.
Ascend: New Gods looks like a 3rd person character action with some Shadow of the Colossus thrown in there.
LocoCycle from Twisted Pixel (the makers of 'Splosion Man), maybe a racing game. They only show a slick looking bike in a very showroom like fashion.
Matter, from the director of Pirates of the Caribbean, a Kinect game.

Capcom came on stage to show some Resident Evil 6. Looks absolutely gorgeous, MT Frameworks is fucking awesome. Zombies, co-op gameplay, melee executions, cover system, grenades, sprinting. Looks like it plays well. Surprisingly lot quicktime events, hard to say if you can fail them or not. Running towards a camera sequence with shit blowing up. Looks so good. And timed DLC exclusivity for Xbox.

Short demo of Wreckateer, Kinect game that's out this summer.

South Park: The Stick of Truth. RPG game developed by Obsidian and with actual involvement by Matt Stone and Trey Parker, you know, the creators of South Park. Looks authentic. You are the new kid on the block, trying to be the 5th member of the group.

Harmonix, Dance Central 3, already. Looks like more Dance Central, and to hammer that in they have a sudden Usher live performance, showing some of the sweet new dance moves.

And last but not least, they ended the show with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Looks miles ahead of all previous CoD games, very pretty. Future is now, unmanned war-machines, and someone stole the keys. Dude is sniping with a future sniper rifle through some big-ass concrete blocks, in the interest of time they skip to another sequence where your guy has flying unmanned robot-drones floating around him and he calls support fire from them. Really cool. Flying sequence, impossible to say how much of it was on rails.

No mention of Rare at all. Maybe they are doing the Wreckateer game. How the mighty have fallen.

Then we have the entertainment evolved message. It was kind of scattered across the entire Conference, but I'll just summarize it all here.

Xbox (the brand) brings together all entertainment, also coming to PC's, phones and tablets. Bing search by genre, expanding voice search to 12 additional countries. 35 new entertainment providers across the globe. People love sports, NBA and NHL coming to Xbox. Xbox music service, called Xbox Music. Original, right? Will also be on Windows 8 PC's, tablets and phones. Tons of songs at launch.

Future of fitness with Nike+ Kinect Training. Connected every where, pipes into the Nike+ thing, personal training programs. All that good shit.

Smart devices, getting smarter with Xbox SmartGlass. Basically, an application for your phone or tablet that communicates with your console, and provides you additional information on the things that you are doing. They used an example of watching Game of Thrones on HBO Go, and your tablet shows the map of world and other nonsense like that. Additionally they showed how you can watch a movie on a tablet, pause and just kind of throw it to the console and continue from where you left it. So it's all connected. Also works as a remote for your Xbox if that's your desire.

They stressed very much that you already have these devices, and all you need is this application and it's all golden. Works on all smart devices that you might have, iPhones, iPads, Windows 8 tablets and phones, as well as Android devices. The way they stressed that “hey, you already have these devices” makes it very clearly their answer to WiiU and its tablet controller. It seems very plausible that developers could very well take advantage of this connectivity and make very connected experiences in their games.

And that was Microsoft.

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Nintendo's pre-E3 Nintendo Direct stream

Nintendo will have their proper E3 Press Conference on Tuesday, June 5th 9:00am-10:00am PT, but in addition to that they also decided to have a short Nintendo Direct Stream about the WiiU controller as well as some of the online functionalities of the console. Satoru Iwata stated that the reason for this was simple, there will now be more time for actual games on the actual conference. Sounds reasonable.

The controller has changed some from the prototype they showed last year. It appears even larger than before (I didn't think it would be possible), and the biggest change is probably that the 3DS like circle-pads have been replaced with more traditional looking analog sticks. Players can keep playing a game with just the controller, if TV happens to be unavailable, apparently there is no lag between the two. They will also offer a WiiU Pro controller for more traditional control methods. One thing to note about both of the controllers is that the right analog stick is above the face buttons. That's going to be a little weird, isn't it?

The rest of the stream was about the online features, but in truth they didn't really reveal a whole lot. They talked about Miis and Miiverse (that's Mii Universe if that eluded you), the home screen which is populated by Miis and stuff. Mii this and Mii that. Smiley faces. I kind of tuned out at that point. The message they were probably trying to get across is that "hey, we understand online now", but I guess that remains to be seen. There was no mention of friend-codes or system wide accounts or anything like that. And that was more or less it. Check out these images about the things I just wrote about. You know, the things.

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Electronic Entertainment Expo and Konami's Pre-Show

Hey guys, E3 is right around the corner (it really is, again), so I figured that I'd try and cover some of the exciting gaming news that is bound to drop from the 5 big Press Conferences and maybe from the show floor as well. No promises though, I may accidentally forget about it and play Diablo 3 instead.

The Press Conferences start rolling out on the 4th of June with Microsoft (9:30am-11:00am PT), followed by EA (1:00pm- 2:00pm), Ubisoft (3:00pm-4:00pm) and Sony (6:00pm-7:30pm). On the next day the only conference is by Nintendo (9:am-10:00am), after which the show floor opens. Or something like that. I think that's accurate, more or less. In any case, Microsoft starts the show in just about 3 days. Here's a GameSpot link for you guys who want to catch it all live. I'm sure other gaming sites have their own live streams of all the things as well, if GameSpot is not your bag.

However, Konami kind of officially got the ball rolling with E3 this year (again, the same was true last year) with their pre-recorded E3 pre-show, called Konami Pimp Reel from here on out. You can watch it yourself from here if you want, but if your time is precious and don't have 30 minutes to spare, here's what you need to know.

They start the pimp reel with social games for Facebook and mobile platforms, by introducing their fairly fresh US based studio for that stuff. It's located right at the heart of all the first party social nonsense with Apple, Google and Facebook right across the street, basically. So far they've made Frogger Pinball and Twilight Chronicle on Facebook, Frogger Pinball on iOS, and have an upcoming Frogger Frenzy. All this nonsense is published by Zynga (groan). Yes, despite all the shit that Zynga is regularly up to, other companies still strike deals with them.

Next up, Pro Evolution Soccer 2013. I haven't cared much about sports games since International SuperStar Soccer on the SNES, so uh... Better ball control, better individualized and unique top players (Christiano Ronaldo as an example, because he runs funny), better dribble control, improved passing, all the good stuff like you'd expect from an evolution of their previous game. Evolution, right? Get it? Yeah.

Zone of The Enders HD collection is next, again. They announced this at last years pre-show thing, and now it's getting closer to release, they promise its arrival for Fall 2012. I have to hand it to Konami with this one, they are definitely doing the work, the quality of the HD conversion looks more in line with the excellence of Metal Gear HD Collection, and not that shitshow that the Silent Hill HD Collection ended up being. They also created a new anime opening for the HD collection with Sunrise, apparently they are some kind of great robot anime studio. Looks pretty good. You can check out the opening over here.

Metal Gear 25 year anniversary stuff was next. Some b-roll of the Smithsonian's The Art of Video Games Exhibition. Followed by Metal Gear Rising trailer. That game looks bananas. It appears to be sufficiently Japanese with its storytelling (at least based on the trailer) and should feel right at home with the MGS fans. It's being developed by Platinum Games (this is old news, I know), which is kind of perfect match. They pin the release on early 2013, so there's still some ways to go. Also, Mega64 is back for another Konami thing, nothing to say about that really. You should probably watch that part yourself.

Lastly, some Castlevania.
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 CG trailer looks pretty boss, but doesn't really reveal anything about the game. If you haven't played LoS and its DLC yet, spoilers ahead, you have been warned. Gabriel is tearing shit up as the "new Dracula", takes a drink from a soldier, turns into a smoke bat and takes on some kind of big-ass golem, and then is faced with some white haired swordsman whose face we don't see. The game is probably more of that style of gameplay they had in LoS. Though, assuming Gabriel is now the bad guy, and the white haired dude is the protagonist, sword play instead of whip play. So Devil May Cry instead of God of War. tongue
And then there's also a small teaser for a 3DS Castlevania game, which shows even less than the LoS2 trailer.

And that was that. You know, briefly thinking back to last year, they had a Contra teaser at the end of that. I wonder if anything came out of it. Maybe the Hard Corps: Uprising was that game. Hard to say. Anyways, I'm definitely excited to see more of LoS2 at least, if nothing else.

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You should check out this great video and interview series on the music of Mass Effect

Daniel Bloodworth put together this great video and text interview series over at GameTrailers about the music of Mass Effect series. Anyone with some interest towards game music should definitely check it out. It has bits and bobs from almost all of the composers that have been involved with the series so far.

It might also contain some slight spoilers for the series, obviously, but I don't think they delve too deep into any specific moment in any of the games that you should be worried. Assuming you are worried about spoilers to begin with. Maybe that's just me in my very special little world.

And you know what's maybe the best part about the series? We now know that Uncharted Worlds is also Jack Wall's favorite piece from all the music in Mass Effect series. I feel closer to him already. It's almost like we are best friends now.

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Online Gaming: New World of Awesome or New World of Douchebaggery?

Online gaming has grown a lot since... well... since the concept even started. It has grown from just plain game sites to first-person shooters. In the beginning, it was friendly to the point where we say hello to each other. Now it grows to the point from saying hello, where you get a "F*** off."

It's hard finding gaming communities, clans, or guilds that are decent with respect and maturity. We play online games to pretend what we want to be while having fun. So what makes a game good? Not just the gameplay... but the community too.

So what happens when a community is terrible? There are less active players, because who wants to come online and be insulted everytime? No one does. Whether it is in text chat or voice chat, you're either gonna get harassed or talked nicely to. It is almost like a 50/50 chance with new people.
Continue reading »

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Radio Bug Fixes, Feedback?

Glad to see some of you have tried out our new radio solution and are enjoying it, or so I hope! We would love to hear from you. Provide some feedback, offer suggestions on new songs to add to our database, give us ideas for new radio skins! Complain about how your favourite songs are not yet on the list! Any feedback is welcomed. Just drop on over to the radio topic on the forums to leave your mark.

Fixed a few bugs in the radio code. Now that it has had some public air-time, I noticed a pattern forming on the songs it was selecting to play. I've made some changes to how our playlist generator works, and it should be a much more random selection now. Hopefully you'll hear a greater variety of songs smile Also added some statistics gathering so I can track the most requested songs, and songs that get played most often, just for curiosity.

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