Ubisoft E3 2012 Press Conference, Ubisoft E3 Media Briefing

Ubisoft E3 Media Briefing ended a little later than the schedule said, so I'm also a little late. Yes, that's my excuse, it's not that I went to have a snack after the conference or anything.

Ubi started with Just Dance 4, and brought out a bunch of sexy dancers. Okay, I'm not into dance games but if you want to get my attention anyway, I guess that's one way to do it. The dance performance turned into a live performance by some artist I don't know. Turn out it was some guy called Flo Rida, and his mike was popping really bad.

Also, Aisha Tyler is the host of this. That seems odd. But anything is better than Mr. Caffeine, so I'll give her a chance. And apparently there's also a co-host of sorts, some guy called Tobuscus. No idea who that is either.

FarCry 3, the island has changed the protagonist, the hunted becomes the hunter. Whoa digital boobs. Okay, they just totally started the FarCry 3 section with a sex scene between the protagonist, and some chick, and they didn't even censor the boobs. Radical. Also, after they stop and the camera pans around, you see an audience. Yep, that's a little weird. Game looks great though, best digital boobs I've seen this E3 so far. Bunch of gameplay, guns, stabbings, releasing tigers (TIGERS!), watching tigers kill some dudes and then the dude kills the tigers. Some kind of really weird dream sequence, dude is tripping bad. Coming soon. Big world to explore, also a multiplayer mode. This might turn out to be a real weird game.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist, co-op mode from Conviction is back. Also the fan favorite Spies vs Mercs mode. Welcome to the 4th Echelon trailer. I still can't quite figure out if this is a reboot. My Splinter Cell knowledge is weak.

Then they showed a bunch of WiiU stuff.
Avengers: Battle for Earth, some kind of superhero game. Milking that sizzling hot Avengers name right now, though the style is very clearly based on the comics. Also coming for Kinect.
Rayman Legends looks a lot like Rayman Origins, just with added WiiU functionality. One player was using the special controller to cut ropes and lift things while others were doing more traditional platforming. They showed and interesting and kind of funny music level, totally reminded me of this autoplay Super Mario World youtube videos.
ZombiU, what a terrible terrible name for a game. Just, really bad. So a zombie survival game exclusively for WiiU, but only a CGI trailer was shown, so no idea what the game actually is.
And to close the WiiU section, they had a short montage that showed at least Rabbids game, random sports activities, fitness, some kart racing game and Just Dance 4.

Assassin's Creed III, looks absolutely gorgeous. They made a special point to mention that this is American history with very well known characters, during a conflict that shaped the country and in essence affected the entire world. Connor is wrecking some redcoats in a trailer, with the final target being a Templar who also happens to be a redcoat general or something. Showing a lot of gameplay, bunch of snow in New England. Oh my god, the tree parkour looks glorious. All the faces seem to be looking great. I know that's a weird thing to mention specifically, but for some reason the faces in AC series have always bothered me. They have gotten better with each iteration, and Revelation looked great already, so I'm glad that this remains true. Horses are back, and there's also deep snow. Looks splendid. I can not wait for this game. I'm ready now, give it to me.

Shootmania: Storm, oh god no, gamergirls on stage. Apparently they can actually play, based on the merits the hosts give them, but the fact that they were all wearing short shorts (while the dudes in the other team were wearing, you know, pants) kind of made it weird. They were all pretty hot though, so damn you Ubisoft, mission accomplished. Still, the notion of "gamergirls" is a thing I'd like to go away.

Watch Dogs. Completely new game from Ubisoft, did not see this coming at all. Looks like some kind of open world digital terrorist and/or vigilante game. Looks really cool. You basically have control of the city, and can hack everything. Really digging the demo they are giving, even when it turns into a third person shooter in the end. Not really quite sure if the ending was indication of multiplayer, or multiple playable characters or what.

And that was the conference. Really impressed. And perhaps to my surprise, Aisha Tyler was a pretty good host, even though some of the over the top jokes fell a little flat. To summarize, Ubisoft brings you the tits and ass of 2012.

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