Things from the Ubisoft event

This thing happened shortly after the EA thing, and here's a quick summary of what happened. Hoping for the Beyond Good & Evil 2 footage now.

Child of Eden demoed on stage, dude kind of conducted the game, white gloves and all. Strange stuff.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood trailer and gameplay, Ezio jumps on a horse, and the announcer tells us that there will be horse-fighting. That's fighting while riding a horse, not fighting against a horse. Although that would be pretty awesome too.

Shaun White Skateboarding demoed, looks like a skating game with some mechanics to alter the surfaces you skate on. Looks kind of neat I guess.

Battle Tag, which seems to be laser tag, but with some kind of online component thing on your PC. To keep scores and such I guess.

Innergy, looks like Nintendo's Vitality Sensor, except that this one is made by Ubisoft. Seems like a heartbeat sensor, something about controlling your breathing, reducing stress. Sure sure, this totally belongs to a game show.

Some Kinect stuff, some kind of sports games, as well as the same demonstration as they did on the Microsoft's Event for the Your Shape fitness thing.

Raving Rabbids game, Rabbids in Time, essentially. No actual gameplay is shown, just a funny little trailer. Coming only for the Wii.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is shown, seems neat. Active camouflage is always fun. Lots of bad guys getting shot in the head at very close range.

Driver: San Francisco shown. Tanner is back, but he is in coma, so that enabled him to jump to any car in the city. Seems like a neat gameplay mechanic, but coma? Weird. It's probably going to be very significant thing in the story later on. He is basically racing in San Francisco, but in his own head.

Project Dust, nothing much is shown from it. Something about some tribal dudes and how they lost their way and seems like the earth is pretty much imploding on itself on this one spot.

At this point Michel Ancel's name was dropped, so I totally got my hopes up for Beyond Good & Evil 2. Not today I'm afraid. Yves Guillemot (CEO of Ubisoft) was on stage speaking with his super heavy accent, so it was kind of hard to tell what was happening, but I think there are these Ubisoft's Art Tools that Ancel and his team helped to develop.

Rayman Origins. Rayman is back, and apparently it's being developed with the tools I just mentioned. Cool. I don't have any nostalgia for Rayman, but I don't mind this. Seems like a decent 2D platformer, with a co-op.

Trackmania and other Manias. Some kind of social platform thing, for RPG, FPS and racing games. Sure, Trackmania is kind of awesome, if they can duplicate that awesomeness to other genres, why the hell not.

Michael Jackson license, but no actual game is shown. Just some people dancing on stage, I guess they will announce a game later.

And that's that for Ubisoft. No Beyond Good & Evil 2. sad Future Soldier seemed like it could be a neat game, but overall really disappointing and slightly weird press event. You can check out all the trailers and gameplay at GameTrailers if you feel like it.

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Electronic Arts press event happened

Sorry for not writing these sooner, but eh. I warned you. tongue Here's what you need to know from Electronic Arts Event.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, developed by Criterion, the fine makers of Burnout games (Burnout Paradise is pretty good) show opening trailer. Cops and racers seems to be the theme in this one, lands November 17.

Dead Space 2: The Return of Isaac. I'm kidding, there's no subtitle in that, but I wish there was. Still, Isaac returns to strategically dismember more necromorphs.

Medal of Honor multiplayer footage, looking at the thing it's pretty clear that DICE is making the multiplayer component for this game. MP beta starts on 21st of June in North America, no idea if other regions get any beta love.

Staying on the shooters, some kind of a downloadable expansion coming to Batllefield: Bad Company 2 this winter. BBC2: Vietnam.

Some EA Sports stuff, MMA, Active 2, Madden 11. That's all I remember, I think I may have hit the can at that time.

Sims 3 on the consoles.

EA Partners hype, Jason West and Vince Zampella (former Infinity Ward heads, the makers of Modern Warfare 2) popped on stage.

Crysis 2 gameplay demo, announced also in 3D on all platforms.

Bulletstorm gameplay demo. Game lands 22nd of February.

Knights of the Old Republic MMO trailer, another FMV thing like last year. Something about everyone having their own ships.

And that's all for EA. You can check out all the trailers and gameplay at GameTrailers if you feel like it.

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Highlights from the Microsoft E3 event

The event ended a little while ago, and here are the things that you should know about it.

Call of Duty: Black Ops trailer and live demo gameplay. The biggest surprise for me, no more silent protagonist. Seriously, the guy you play as talks. I like that, and the game looks pretty good in general as well. After that they announced an exclusive deal for all Call of Duty DLCs starting after the release of Black Ops. Might have been timed exclusive as well.

Metal Gear Solid: Rising trailer, showing a lot of sword gameplay, and a lot of cutting. Seems like you can slice very freely in that game. Like, there didn't seem to be any specific points in the bodies that piled up. Or any specific points in the watermelon either.

Cliff Bleszinski showed of some Gears of War 3, 4 player co-op, and some weird mutations. Love the lady COGs. Still looks totally like Gears though, no surprises there. I guess I need to play the second one before this comes out. I think that's sometime 2011 though, so I still got time.

Fable 3 trailer, looks totally like Fable 2, graphically and otherwise.

Some kind of an exclusive 360 game from Crytek called Kingdom. Only a live action trailer was shown, so who knows. The guys in it look straight out of Rome, so I guess it's set in that time period.

Halo: Reach single player campaign was shown, looks totally Halo like. Ends in a section with apparently space combat, so that's new.

Then all the Kinect (that's the new name for Project Natal that was announced yesterday on a separate event) stuff. Aside from the motion controls, it has voice recognition. Dude on stage demonstrated the usage in the dashboard as well as when watching movies and such. Seems like it works fine.

Kudo Tsunoda on stage presenting some games for Kinect, sports minigame collection, adventure minigame collection, some kind of kart racer called Joy Ride, and some kind of pet animal thingy, called Kinectimals. Seriously, I didn't make that name up. I don't really care about this stuff, but the animal thingy had this jumping rope part, and they totally did the matrix camera pan around the baby tiger. That was pretty funny, and the crowd love it too. Also, I think Kudo said WTF on stage when some other guy called him Lorenzo Lamas. Some third party Kinect stuff was shown, Your Shape exercise game from Ubisoft, Dance Central from Harmonix and a on-rails Star Wars lightsaber game from Lucas Arts. And Forza Motorsport guys showed some Kinect stuff, some driving and basically a virtual garage. Weird. Kinect launches in North America on November 4th, and they also mention that the worldwide launch is for the holiday season.

The show ended in the reveal of the rumored new slimmer Xbox 360 design. It's black and glossy, an absolute fingerprint magnet. They showed the comparison of size very quickly, but it looks like it's an inch or two shorter and generally slimmer. Not radically smaller though. The guy says that it's silent as well. We'll see about that. The new design looks kind of ugly and weird, not sure how that will look if it's not standing. Here's Major Nelson's Flickr gallery of the thing. I wish that they will eventually come out with something else than this glossy black finish. Ships with 250GB hard-drive, built-in WiFi, and replaces the current Elite SKU's price point, that's $299 I think. After the show they also revealed that the Arcade will get a price cut from $199 to $149, and the current Elite with 120GB hard-drive will go down from $299 to $249. The slim Xbox is shipping to retailers today, and should be available later this week.

Oh yeah, also, apparently everyone who showed up in the event got a free new Xbox 360. I don't think they were handing them out at the exit or anything, they probably shipped one for all the participants. Despite the design and glossy finish, I wouldn't have minded getting one for free.

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Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3, is upon us

Well, almost. Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3 for short, is closing in fast. I believe the show floor will officially be open from 15th to 17th of June, but if previous years are any indication (and they are), lots of trailers for various games will start pouring out of every orifice you can think of. In fact, it has already started.

I was considering doing some live blogging during the major companies press events, but our posting system isn't really ideal for quick editing, so I don't know if that will happen. I may instead do something on the IRC channel (or make a dedicated channel for it, who knows), but that also remains to be seen. Of one thing you can be fairly sure, it's very likely that I will make summary posts after the important events at least. As usual, I don't have any special access or anything, I'm not on the floor myself, so I'm just going to tune in one of the live streams and see if anything interesting pops up.

But all this depends on whether or not I feel like it. tongue I could be too busy playing Brütal Legend (it's pretty badass) or something. You never know.

In the meantime, here's the GameTrailers' E3 portal, that's a good place to look for the E3 trailers, starting now. I believe that GameTrailers is also one of the sites that is going to live stream the previously mentioned press events from at least Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, and you can probably find similar streams from GameSpot, G4TV and IGN, just to name a few.

I'm personally not really looking forward to a whole lot during the conference. Obviously a lot of focus this year will be on Sony's Move and Microsoft's Natal, both of which I couldn't care less about. I just have this sinking feeling that the focus will be too big and we won't get to see anything that is of interested to the "core gamer", as they say. Natal is still going to get renamed by the way, so that's one thing that's going to happen at MS's press event. I don't feel like there are a lot of games that we will see that we don't already know about, have already seen gameplay of, or just generally have a good idea of it.

Few things I'm looking forward to are the Valve's "surprise" event, one rumor has it that it's going to be the unveiling of Source Engine 2, which is entirely possible of course, but my money right now is still on the PlayStation 3 Portal 2, no matter how much I feel that it isn't really worth this big of a announcement.
Another thing that I'm hoping to see is Beyond Good & Evil 2. Anything from that game would be awesome, if only to put the rumors to rest that its development has been canned.
And the booth babes of course. Always looking forward to the galleries of booth babes.

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Portal 2 not immune to Valve Time™, delayed to 2011

This is unfortunate, if somewhat expected, news. A little over a week ago Valve told us that the planned Portal 2 E3 event would be canceled, but it would be replaced by a "surprise". Today they have sent out another press release, that confirms what many were probably expecting, Portal 2 release has been delayed to 2011. I can't say I'm shocked or anything, and I can't really be all too bummed about it either, because of that awesome press release.


June 9, 2010 -- Aperture Science, doing business as Aperture Laboratories LLC, in partnership with Valve today announced the successful completion of an ethics-review-panel-supervised release date restructuring process. Portal 2, the sequel to the ground-breaking title that earned over 30 Game of the Year awards despite missing its original ship date, is now targeted for a 2011 release.

Representatives from both companies acknowledged that public safety concerns factored into the decision. They went on to say that even though Portal 2 will arrive slightly later than planned, all life on earth won't instantaneously stop as every molecule in your body explodes at the speed of light, which is what would happen should a rip ever appear in the fabric of Valve Time.

"Also, the game will be even better," they added, missing an historic opportunity to create the first product delay press release to mention that a product is being delayed to make it worse.

To ask questions about how close we all came to dying, or to ask futile questions about the previously announced E3 ***PORTAL-2-THEMED-FOR-GOD'S SAKE*** surprise or, less futilely, to schedule an appointment to attend a Portal 2 screening at the Valve booth during E3, please contact Valve's delegate to the EU's Valve Time Studies Group, Doug Lombardi.

And there you have it. Even Portal 2 isn't immune to Valve Time™. Also take note that they insist that the "surprise" will be Portal 2 themed. So, if it's not Half-Life 2: Episode 3 or Half-Life 3, what then? A Portal 2 spin-off, starring the two robots that are apparently the co-op characters? Probably not. Portal 2 on PlayStation 3? Maybe. That's the likeliest of things that come to mind. But if it's that, I'm completely baffled that it would need this kind of hype.

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Valve's Portal 2 E3 event replaced with a surprise

This news comes by the way of 1UP, as they, and probably some other gaming news outlets, got this little email from Valve.

Dear Subject Name Here,

Aperture Science is pleased to inform you that we have partnered with Valve to announce the gala CANCELLATION of the June 14 Portal 2 event at the Regal Theater. The event will be replaced by a surprise. And even though the cancellation of the event certainly counts as a surprise, we are pleased to further announce that the cancellation of the event is not THE surprise. However, per International treaties regarding the definition of the word "surprise", of which both Aperture Science and Valve are signatories, the time, date and content of the actual surprise will only become available as you experience the surprise.

If you'd like to ask fruitless questions about the E3 Portal 2 surprise or, more fruitfully, schedule an appointment to attend a Portal 2 screening at the Valve booth during E3, please contact Valve's Special Envoy to Surprises, Doug Lombardi.

Thank you for <<RECORD SCRATCH!!!>>

PS: The surprising record scratch is also not the surprise.

So, as you can see from the email (which is written in a very GLaDOS like manner smile ), the event was originally planned for June 14, but has now been replaced by a surprise. So, Half-Life 2 Episode 3 / Half-Life 3 anyone? I sure hope so. I can't really think what else it could be. A completely new IP is even less likely I think, and I wouldn't think they would cancel a Portal 2 event for anything less. And I also think that with the very recent release of Half-Life 2 and it's Episodes on the MAC, the brand might just have some new wind under it and what better way to make people play the older games than to tell them that "Hey, we are making more of these!", right?

I choose to believe it. laughing

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Lufia DS remake coming to North America

It's been a long time since I first played the Lufia series, I remember picking up a copy of Lufia and the Fortress of Doom for SNES and I was instantly hooked. This remake actually bases itself from the second game, which is actually a prequel to the first game... still a good game, but just doesn't top the original! The Estpolis Biographies II soundtrack (which covers music from both the first and second game) is one of my favourite albums as well. Good games, good music, what more do you need? Anyways, getting off track here, on with the news:

After a long wait, Lufia is returning to North America as a Nintendo DS release. Natsume announced today that they have not forgotten their North American fans, and will be localizing the latest game in the series.

"We're elated that the beloved Lufia series will be making its triumphant return with Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals later this year," said Natsume CEO Hiro Maekawa. "We know players are going to be excited about this title when they get their first peek at it at E3 next month."

I definitely plan to give this game a try when it becomes available later this fall. Current media I have seen for it shows they did make some pretty major changes to the game, but hopefully not so much that the original classic has been lost entirely.

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The new Alpha Protocol trailer is pure genius

I kind of lost interest in Alpha Protocol a while back, originally it seemed like it would be a cool spy game, but maybe it got delayed or something and I kind of forgot about it. This new trailer totally re-sparked my interest in it though.

Watch it on Youtube.

It's pure genius.

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Grab your free Portal before May 24th!

Just a quick little ditty here. As you may remember, I wrote about Steam and the Valve games coming to Mac earlier this year. Well, now it's here. Now being a few days ago. But wait, there is more! Unless you somehow magically skipped the actual title of this post, you should by now know what the "more" is.

So, go grab your free copy of Portal, you have until May 24th. For either PC or Mac. Technically both, since it supports SteamPlay. SteamPlay is the thing that if you buy a game that supports it from Steam, you will automatically get versions for both the PC and the Mac. That's pretty sweet. But now you may wonder, "what good is this for me, I already own the game". Well guess what. It's no good to you, but tell your friends!

Here's the text from the official "Portal is FREE!" page, I thought it was pretty funny so I'm pasting it here.

Portal used to cost money. Until May 24th, it's free. End of story.

Well, technically speaking, there are some strings attached. Fortunately, they're entirely decorative. We just like the way they look, swaying in the gentle breeze created by a million people simultaneously fainting from shock at the news that Portal is free. Now you have no reason not to try Portal.

"I have a reason," some of you are probably typing into an angry email. "You see, sir, I own a Mac."

Well guess what: For the first time ever, Portal is also available for the Mac.

"Capital news! But the excellent puzzle adventure Portal won over 40 Game of the Year awards; Surely it must cost at least five or six hundred dollars."

You'd think that, especially since it actually won over 70 Game of the Year Awards. But, like we keep saying, Portal is free. Free on the Mac. Free on the PC. But only until May 24th. So you only have a few days to decide if your free copy of Portal is worth the price we're currently charging - which is you ever-so-slightly moving your index finger just barely enough to click the big red "download" button right there to the left.

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Capcom trailers flood the internet

This is all coming from Captivate 10, a Capcom press event that is apparently happening right now, or maybe it has already happened. I'm not in the loop man, I don't know any of this stuff. Anyways, there is a bunch of new Capcom trailers flooding the internet right now. Some of it is not that interesting, mostly because I feel like we have already seen quite a bit of Lost Planet 2, Super Street Fighter 4 and Dead Rising 2. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm pretty excited about these games, especially SSF4, but I'm even more excited about some other things.

Like Bionic Commando ReArmed 2, Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds and Ghost Trick. And I don't even own a DS, but Ghost Trick seems absolutely interesting, the music the trailer just kicks ass. And I'm not even hugely interested in fighting games in general, but the trailer for Marvel vs Capcom 3 looks pretty sweet. And I feel like also pointing out that the game is being done on the MT Framework. You know, the engine that is used in Resident Evil 5, Devil May Cry 4 and Lost Planet 2, among other things? It's going to look gorgeous. On the other hand, I'm not sure how I feel about the revolutionary jump ability on the BC ReArmed 2. tongue It's just so new and magical. If you didn't know, GRIN, the developer of the first ReArmed, went under sometime ago, and as such ReArmed 2 is being developed by a different company called Fatshark. It appears that while some of the former GRIN guys went ahead and formed a new developer called Might and Delight, some also migrated to Fatshark, who happens to also be a Swedish developer like GRIN was. But I don't know any of this stuff, what do you want from me?

Oh right, there is also lot of footage of Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes, but I don't know what that is. Looks like something I would not be interested in. At all. And Okamiden for the DS. I loved Okami, but Okamiden looks kind of sad.

So, click on the links on the post guys, and take a look. Maybe I'll link them all here again in a simple list for your convenience.

Lost Planet 2
Super Street Fighter 4
Dead Rising 2
Bionic Commando ReArmed 2
Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds
Ghost Trick
Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes

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