You should check out this great video and interview series on the music of Mass Effect

Daniel Bloodworth put together this great video and text interview series over at GameTrailers about the music of Mass Effect series. Anyone with some interest towards game music should definitely check it out. It has bits and bobs from almost all of the composers that have been involved with the series so far.

It might also contain some slight spoilers for the series, obviously, but I don't think they delve too deep into any specific moment in any of the games that you should be worried. Assuming you are worried about spoilers to begin with. Maybe that's just me in my very special little world.

And you know what's maybe the best part about the series? We now know that Uncharted Worlds is also Jack Wall's favorite piece from all the music in Mass Effect series. I feel closer to him already. It's almost like we are best friends now.

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