Tracker needs users, new poll, site tweaks

Thought I should drop a little note about our torrent tracker. We are always seeking people to help seed the albums, as well as people to come and enjoy them! (I never thought I would have to ask people to leech our files, heh). The tracker has a built in request feature, so you can ask us to post up any albums you might want but currently cannot find! We will do our best to fill requests as we can. I never know what to post next, so adding your requests helps a great deal! Drop on over and check it out. Sign-up for our tracker is simple, and only takes a few clicks!

Just keeping up with minor tweaks and quirks of the site, as my free time has been limited. I added a new site poll for this month, and changed the way the recent torrents table at the top of the main index updates itself. It should stay much more accurate now. I've been doing some minor changes as well to optimize the database, but those effects are not really visible to most users. wink

Posted in Site News by Locke Member on March 31st 2009 at 5:08am 0 Comments
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