Radio streams back up, default site skin rotation

Well we had a day or two of downtime, but the radio streams are back up, and much more stable! I upgraded the stream box and it should run much more smoothly now. I hope to add more music to the playlist soon as well, even though the list is already quite large! If you encounter any issues with listening to our streams, be sure to let us know by commenting on this news post or dropping a message on our forums!

Also, I have rotated the default skin, as I feel many of our visitors are unaware that they can change the look of the site! Currently there are only two fairly similar skins available, but more will be coming along as we develop the site more! You can change your skin at any time with the 'Edit Site Options' link on the right side menu. This sort of custom configuration will be part of your user account once the control panel is completed...

Posted in Site News by Locke Member on April 05th 2009 at 11:01am 0 Comments
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