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General Questions:
Technical Support:

Q: What are the features of the radio player software?

- web based radio player with customizable skins, compatible with all major web browsers (mobile browsers too!)
- 100 song cache system to prevent songs from being repeated too often
- fully automated listener request system where users can ask to hear their favourite songs
- voting system that allows listeners to submit ratings on individual songs as they listen.
- light-weight application in multiple formats that works cross-platform and requires minimal system resources
- a wide selection of game music available 24 hours a day, ranging from 8-bit tracks to songs from latest releases
- no third party advertisements on our pages or the music streams
- frequently updated with new music content

Q: How can I request a song to be played?

Making a request to hear a song from our database is easy. Simply click the 'Request a Song' link on the radio player and a list of songs will appear. Select the song you would like to request, and click the submit button. Requested songs are played on a first come, first serve basis. You can view the list of requests waiting to be played at any time. There is a restriction of 1 song request at a time per user. Once your song has been played, you may request another if you wish.

Q: Why do I have to wait to request certain songs?

Our radio software includes a memory of recently played songs to prevent songs from being repeated too often. This is to allow for more variety to be played for everyone listening. Currently, we have the radio set to remember the last 100 songs played, or approximately 4 hours worth of music on average. Once a song has expired from the song history list, it will become available for requesting again. You can view the cache list to see the song position at any time by clicking the 'Song History' link on the radio player.

Q: How can I change the radio player skin?

The radio player has a drop-down selection box on each skin which contains the names of all the skins currently available. To change your active skin, simply select one of the names from this list. The skins are changed without needing to reload the page, however this feature requires javascript enabled for your browser. Your selection is saved via a cookie in your web browser so future visits will remember which skin you have selected.

Q: Why does the music always start at the beginning of a song?

This happens by design. Our radio works differently then some other online streaming radio stations. Instead of a constant audio stream downloading, we send out chunks of data each time the song changes as you listen to the station. This allows us to take advantage of the cache feature of your web browser. Repeat visitors will find songs they have heard before will play from the local cache (when available), saving bandwidth and reducing load times.

Q: Why is the recent songs list not in sync with what I'm hearing?

This is caused by the way our radio player is designed. If you are the only person listening to the station, the recent songs list will always be in sync with what you are hearing. If many users are listening, your song buffer may cause you to be slightly behind other users. You will still hear the same songs in the order they are shown on the recent songs list. You can reset your song buffer by refreshing the radio page.

Q: Will I hear advertisements while listening?

We do not play any third party advertisements on the radio or display any advertisements or banners on our website. We do have a few station identifier clips, but they are short (10 seconds or less) and only play every 25 songs. This means you should only hear it about once an hour in most cases.

Q: Which web browsers are supported for the radio player?

This list only contains the browsers we have tested. Most modern web browsers capable of playing Adobe Flash content and displaying CSS should have no problem using our radio player. We have tested our radio player in the following web browsers:

- Internet Explorer 6.01+
- Firefox 3.0+
- Opera 8.5+
- Google Chrome 14.0+
- Netscape 8.0+
- Safari 4.0+
- Konqueror 3.5+

Q: What software is required to listen to the music?

You will require a modern web browser with javascript and adobe flash player version 9.0 or newer installed. You can check if you have flash player installed, and what version you use by visiting the Adobe Flash Player version test. This page also provides details on how to download and install flash player. Javascript is required to save your skin preferences and to activate our skin changer without refreshing the page. You can still listen to the music without Javascript enabled, it is only required for skin options.

Q: I can't run adobe flash, does this mean I can't listen?

Many users find their devices can't run or don't have flash installed. (iPhone, iPad, etc). For this reason we have teamed up with the folks over at TuneIn to provide you a solution! You can still listen via the TuneIn website or by downloading the TuneIn app for iOS or Android platforms. You can find our station page here: http://tunein.com/radio/RPGN-Game-Music-Radio-s209618/.

Q: The skins don't change when I select them in the drop-down menu.

Please double check that you have javascript enabled in your browser. Our skin switcher has been updated and now requires javascript to function. This change was made to fix the annoyance of the music restarting each time a new skin was selected. You can check if javascript is enabled using our javascript tester.

Q: Why are my skin preferences being reset when I return to the radio page?

We save skin preferences in browser cookies using javascript. Please double check that you have javascript and cookies enabled in your browser. If either of these are not enabled, your preferences will be lost for future visits, and you will need to manually re-select the skin of your choice. You can check if javascript is enabled using our javascript tester.

Q: Why are the songs playing too quickly (chipmunk-style)?

If the music is being played too fast, your Flash Player version is outdated. Older versions of flash do not support the audio bitrates we use for our music files. Please consider updating to the latest version of Flash by visiting this link.

Q: I am getting an error code or message, what do I do?

If you are encounting any form of error message or code, please copy down the information on the error message and contact us for further assistance. You can reach technical support via our chatroom or forums.