Happy 2019! RPGN migrates chat to Discord

Greetings! I guess we should get the obvious statement out of the way.... we are not dead! The site has been happily humming along with little maintenance as our admin team has been busy with life in general.

I finally got some time to invest this weekend, and decided to migrate our chatroom from IRC to Discord. We've been happily situated on IRC for almost 20 years, but most people these days don't even know what IRC is, and we rarely get visitors dropping in to say hello... so it was time to find something a bit more modern to communicate with! You should totally drop in and say hello, we'd love to hear from you! laughing

Site updates are slow, but our to-do list is ever growing and unending. We hear you, you want more music and it will be coming... hopefully sooner than later! Stick with us as we start to get things up and movin' again.

Posted in Site News by Locke Member on March 05th 2019 at 10:16am 0 Comments
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