Scheduled Website Downtime for Saturday June 28th

I wanted to warn our users in advance that our website and radio streams will be unavailable for a period of time on Saturday as we will be finalizing the move to our new webserver. The new server offers us more power and flexibility for expanding services as well as allowing us to host all of the radio services in one place. Most of the downtime will just be waiting for the DNS records to resolve to their new location, as the new server is already up and operational.

This move should resolve many of the sync issues the radio streams have had in the past, as the streaming software will now be on the same box as the website and databases. We've also given the site a fresh coat of paint on the new server, removing some clutter from our layout and cleaning up the website scripts.

Although we don't anticipate a long period of downtime, depending on your Internet service provider it may take some time for your DNS records to resolve to our new location. I will be around all weekend to ensure the site move is as smooth as possible. Let's hope all goes well!

Posted in Site News by Locke Member on June 26th 2014 at 6:16am 1 Comment
#1 posted by Mog on June 30th 2014 at 11:20am

New server, hooray! laughing

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