March was our busiest gaming radio month so far!

We are happy to see our VGM radio station continues to gain in popularity even as the rest of the site kind of sleeps inactively. In March alone, we served up over 200,000 songs to our listeners and filled over 1,100 song requests. Our 10 most popular requests for March, 2014:

1. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dragonborn
2. Katamari Damacy - Katamari on the Rock (Main Theme)
3. Bastion - Build That Wall
4. Chrono Cross - The Scars of Time
5. StarCraft - Terran Three
6. Final Fantasy VII - One Winged Angel
7. Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest - Stickerbrush Symphony
8. Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - Caprice
9. Mega Man X - Spark Mandrill
10. Duck Tales - The Moon

I am glad to see the site getting some use, and thank you to any of you who have shared the radio with your friends, we welcome the new listeners. We have toned down on some of the site, and removed some of the more inactive sections from the menu as we prepare to make some changes and clean off the dust under the hood. The radio will continue to be our focus as we re-focus the site. The videos and reviews sections have been retired, as YouTube is a great source for anything we offered here, and our reviews section hasn't had an update in years.

I hope to continue to expand and improve on our radio system in the months to come. I would like to make some minor improvements to our web version of the radio player, add some new skins (with some cool new functions) and of course expand our music library. Remember, if you have any suggestions for songs you'd like added to our stream, the best way to express those suggestions is to visit our chatroom (via the chat link in the menu). Both myself and Kilu can help you with such requests.

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