Sony's E3 2013 Press Conference

Shots fired, shots fired! Lets get the biggest news out of the way immediately. The Playstation 4 will cost $399, €399 or £349 when it launches. The box shares somewhat similar design than PS2 did back in the day, and it looks significantly smaller than the Xbox One does. Also, Sony isn't going to have any used games restrictions on the system, and there isn't an online authentication check associated with it either. On the downside, they are going to require PS+ for online multiplayer, but I don't care about that anyway. And then the list of games. These are all coming to PS4 at some point or another, some are exclusive some are not. I decided to skip any Vita and PS3 stuff, there was nothing super interesting there at all.

The Order 1886
Killzone: Shadow Fall
Infamous: Second Son
Don't Starve
Mercenary Kings
Octodad: Dadliest Catch
Secret Ponchos
Ray's the Dead
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee remake
Galak-Z The Dimensional
Diablo 3
Final Fantasy 15 (this is Final Fantasy versus 13, they rebranded it)
Kingdom Hearts 3
Final Fantasy 14: A realm Reborn
Assassin's Creed 4: The Black Flag
Watch Dogs
NBA 2K14
The Elder Scrolls Online
Mad Max

Lots of that looks interesting, if not system seller material. But the biggest slap in the Microsoft's face was definitely the very direct jabs at the various restrictions that MS is placing on their system, and apparently Sony isn't. You don't see standing ovations on press conferences that often, so when that happens you know something's up. Surprising rebranding of FFversus13 and confirmation that Kingdom Heart 3 is in development is also kind of a big deal to many people. Last Guardian was a no-show again, but I'm not surprised. I'm a little sad that Ubisoft didn't truck out Beyond Good & Evil 2 here either, I guess I'll just have to wait another year. All in all, they showed a ton of games and bitch slapped Microsoft big time. It's hard to imagine that Nintendo will blow us away with anything of this magnitude tomorrow, Sony won E3.

Well, I guess it would be better to say that the consumers won E3 because of what Sony promised in regards to our games and how we play them.

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