Electronic Arts' E3 2013 Press Conference

Electronic Arts had their thing just now, and here's the list of things. Their show was shorter than Microsoft's, probably for the better.

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare
Peggle 2
Star Wars Battlefront
Need for Speed: Rivals
Dragon Age: Inquisition
NBA Live 14
Madden NFL 14
UFC (14?)
Battlefield 4
Mirror's Edge 2

The PvZ trailer was pretty amazing. Titanfall looked just like it looked at Microsoft thing this morning. The Star Wars Battlefront thing was a very short teaser, DICE is developing it. Need for Speed looked pretty slick, good cards, good sense of speed. Dragon Age supposedly runs on the new Frostbite engine, but it looked a bit crummy to be honest. SPORTS SPORTS. I don't care about sports. Battlefield 4 multiplayer demo was impressive, clearly a scripted match but 32 on 32 live on stage demo was pretty neat. And Mirror's Edge 2 was a pretty short trailer.

All in all, not really super pumped by EA either. The comeback of Mirror's Edge is a pretty nice surprise, I hope they fix the glaring problems that the first game had.

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