The Future of the RPGamers Network

As usual, our site takes one step forward and two steps back. It has been a sleeping beast for many years now, other then our fairly active radio station. I have been considering the future for the site, and am looking for opinions and suggestions. Should we try to get the entire site back up and running, or should we fold down some of the areas and focus strictly on the radio?

I mean, we haven't had a new review posted in ages, and the lyrics section is in dire need of updating and expanding. I just can't run this place by myself anymore, and finding motivated people to help me code and update the back-end and add content has been unsuccessful. The forums have not had a peep in months, our re-launch of them did not last long. Some hard choices have to be made in the next while about the future of the community.

I am happy to see our radio station continues to draw in listeners even while the rest of the site sleeps. We have a fair selection of music available now, and a huge to-do list of tunes to add as it expands. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please feel free to drop me an email or come in to our IRC chatroom.

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