Are video games responsible for killing?

No matter what year and no matter what season, the media always point fingers at video games and claim that violent video games are responsible for deaths of others. So are they really responsible? Let's take a look.

Video gaming started with simple pixels and arcade concepts; just simple shoot the alien stuff or grabbing pills to eat ghosts. That was the past. Now we are in the present and the future. Some, or probably most, video games can be first-person shooters. This delves the user in the game, making it look like they are killing someone in the game.

From mafia-type games to burglary, it just makes it look like that they are responsible. Inside that video game society, it just shows that killing and stealing is the answer in the game. In real-life society, it is never the answer.

Those type of games, however, let us take a look in one person's perspective. Whether it is just for storyline or just to be in someone else's shoes is unknown. It's a perspective no one wishes to be in, yet it drives us to play it. Why? Well for some, maybe just competition or a way for venting anger. Seriously though, if venting anger is the case, you probably need help.

If those type of video games are the answer to your psychological issues, then you need to seek medical attention. Plus, if you can't take that kind of stress or your mind isn't able for those type of video games, then don't get those video games.

Plus, parents ARE responsible for the type of video games children buy. One time at Walmart, I saw a parent buy Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for their little boy who looked like he was almost ten. That was a game rated M for Mature, which is eighteen and over. The ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) is there on video games for a reason! Is this the type of example parents are showing: succumbing to a child's wants just to avoid their tantrums, without noticing how it can affect their future?

You also see parents who blame video games for their children's death. It is their fault to begin with for not noticing what games they buy for their children. Who's to blame? I think I'll let you answer it yourself.

Let's just take a look at the benefits of video gaming, since we are passed the bad stuff about it. For example, the Nintendo Wii. The Nintendo Wii is known for physical therapy for the disabled or elderly. Another mobile game is Dance Dance Revolution, where instead of letting the children or teenagers sit down to play their game, it actually gets them to move!

Okay, so the physical benefits are out of the way...what about the moral benefits? Well, how about fantasy or adventure games? They encourage the imagination for everyone, from children to adults. How about role playing games? They know their actions in the game can affect others, whether good or bad. Grant you, life doesn't have a reset button, so be careful on what you do!

Let's get back to the main subject: do video games kill?

The answer is no. It's actually like guns. Guns don't kill people. People with guns CAN kill.

So stop pointing fingers at others, and start pointing fingers at yourself.

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