Game Music Radio: Updates

Just wanted to drop a quick note to mention that we have been working hard to improve our radio system! Most importantly, a major Internet Explorer bug has been fixed which was preventing IE users from enjoying our radio station. The bug was caused by an XML file exploit in IE (this is why you should not be using that browser!) The radio should now work properly and not just repeat the same song over and over. Please report any bugs you find!

Happier news now, check out the wide selection of new radio skins! Special thanks to Kilu and Mystro for creating them! (more to come!) We have also expanded the selection of songs. Our database is now well past 1,000 songs with new songs added every week. We welcome suggestions for songs to add so feel free to give some feedback on the forums or in the news comments.

I am working on a new feature for the radio to allow you to customize your listening experience more then you can currently. I won't go into details yet, but I hope you will enjoy it. Watch for more information in the coming weeks smile

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