Sony's conference doesn't surprise

Last of the big three, Sony's conference was some time after Nintendo. Aside from fully expecting to see more information about sequels that we already know about, lots of Move games and confirmation to whether my prediction for the Valve's Portal 2 surprise would pan out, I didn't really have any sense of what Sony would show.

There is some talk about 3D, but I don't think anyone cares about it, so I'll just leave that stuff out. laughing

Killzone 3, as expected. It's more Killzone, more Helghast. Some gameplay is shown, will arrive worldwide in February 2011.

Sorcery, looks like a third person adventure sorcery game. Fitting title.

Heroes on the Move, sounds like a Move title. First party mashup, featuring at least Sly Cooper, Ratched & Clank and Jak & Daxter.

Move pricing and shipping date announced, but I blacked out there for a moment. Also, Kevin Butler was on stage for a moment, being Kevin Butler. You know, the guy who has been in all the awesome PlayStation 3 commercials.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta trailer, no gameplay at all. This is a PSP game I think.

Little Big Planet 2 shown on stage. Looks a lot like the first one.

PlayStation Plus subscription service for PSN. Seems like they are not taking away any of the free features (as in, you can still play online without the Plus subscription), and are just adding bunch of things to try and make a Plus service worthwhile. You can find full list of the features elsewhere, there's probably an official press release somewhere that can better explain it than I can.

The Valve "surprise" was deployed, and Portal 2 is coming to PS3. Called it, so it wasn't really a surprise to me. Gabe made a few jokes about how he has been very outspoken and critical about the PS3. Steam Cloud, Steam Achievements and auto-updating (just like on PC) confirmed for the PS3 version. That's neat, and a new thing on the consoles too. I wonder if Microsoft will respond to this in some way.

Final Fantasy 14 Online trailer shown, looks like Final Fantasy MMO alright.

Gran Turismo 5 lands on November 2nd.

Infamous 2 trailer is shown, as expected, ice powers confirmed.

New Twisted Metal game shown. Really? Car battles? I don't know man, but maybe it still works after all these years.

And that's the Sony's event. So, I totally called the Portal 2 on the PS3 thing a week ago after the second Valve email about the "surprise", and nothing else all that surprising or exciting happened. Check out all the trailers and gameplay at GameTrailers after you've read this post very thoroughly. Not sooner!

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