Kung Fu Fighting

Language: English

Oh, ho, ho, hoooo.
(Yall ready?)
Oh, ho, ho, hoooo.
(Let's go!)

Oh, ho, ho, hoooo.
Oh, ho, ho, hoooo.

Now here it is,
One to make you move,
Something with a funky kung fu groove.
Something that'll make you shout,
Make you wave to the crowd
And make you wanna turn it out.
So homies gather 'round (right round)
I'll pick you up and take you pound for pound.
Cause I'm the only man that'll please ya,
I got a little something that'll tease ya.
(Oh, ho, ho, hoooo.)
So throw those hands up high. (C'mon)
Shake your body and move from side to side.
Cause we've just begun,
Party people in the place, yeah we're having fun.
Oh yeah, I'm gonna be a big star,
I'm gonna lay it on and go "WHOO-HA!"
Cause when the mood gets excited
When everyones kungfu fighting.

Everybody was kungfu fighting (HUUH!) (WHOO-HA!)
Those cats were fast as lighting (HAAA!) (WHOO-CHOP!)
And though it was a little bit frightening (HUUH!) (HOO-HOO!)
But they fought with expert timing. (HAA!)

(Oh, ho, ho, hoooo.)

Sing it girl.

Sexy kung fu fighting
Let me take you higher.

Kung fu fighting's everywhere.
Throw those hands in the air.
The time has come to turn it out.
Everybody let me hear you shout.

One, two do the kung fu.
(One, two do the kung fu).
Say three, four on the dance floor.
(Three, four on the dance floor).