Baby Baby

Language: English

(Now put these kids to sleep, will ya!?)
Ma ma ma ma......
Pa pa pa pa......
Gimme some milk, gimme some food
Gimme the car, one dat goes voom!

(Come on kids, it's party time!)
I need to potty, or I'll be real naughty
(You naughty naughty kids)
Somebody hold me, somebody hug me
(Poor thing, here come on with me)
Ma ma ma ma......
(Come on Mama)
Pa pa pa pa......
(Come on Papa)
Somebody come over here quick
(Yeah, I'm here now)
I'm gonna start a trick
Cuz here I go
(Cuz here you go)
Didn't you know
(I didn't know)
I am a kid,
(You're a kid)
With no control
(Oh, that's OK)

(Now put these kids to sleep, will ya!?)
I think my diaper is wet
I think the bed gon be next
I wanna go, I need to go now
How much longer, I don't know now
You are the person who's @#$%^&!
Or was it Mama or @#$%^&!

(Now put these kids to sleep, will ya!?)
Hey hey Papa, I been good
(Yeah I know, you've been real good)
Now can I plase have my food?
(Of course you can, help yourself)

(Now put these kids to sleep, will ya!?)
Papa can I go and have the toy
that make that funny sound-a
(Come on Papa, get that funky funky toy)
Mama can I eat the food that make me feel like million dolla
(You too Mama, come and bring on the food)
I wanna go to bed right now mama
(But it's time to have some fun!)
Buy me that toy before that oh please Papa
(Time to get busy!)