Language: English

Girl, give it up, you're on the way
To the arms of a magic day
Where you can stay
Where you can find yourself
Find yourself

Move your feet, cos there is no one here
Do what you want to
Cos there's nobody stopping you
No, give yourself and let the music take you far
Then you will know who you are

Baby, we be higher
We're getting higher
Movin' with your body
To the rhythm, make it fly
You are the one
Baby isn't this fun

(Won't you show me how?)
Whoa-oh oh ohhhh, whoa-oh
You and I
I know we can move if we try
You know this is how it should be

Baby, getting higher
We're getting higher
Open up your pride
Everyday is a surprise
You are the one
Baby, be only one

We're getting higher
We're getting higher
Sorry, can't be here
but I knew you will appear
You are the one, baby isn't this fun