Language: English

I-harbor feelings of contempt now...}
True-it's my fate...that haunts me.
I-feel the hands of time advancing
A wind cold as ice runs me through
Unguarded hearts cannot the sad journey make
The crushing weight of guilt consume me.

I-hide the wounds that speak of weakness
A path-to the pain deep inside.
I-see the burning ground advance in dreams.
A terror striking deep in my soul...
Tomorrow holds the promise of release
But only true believers see it...

So embrace that goal
Believe just what you must.

Advancing fast toward the goal of tomorrow

through all the sorrow
A paradise
lies there for hose reaching out
On time that's borrowed
Escape this reality
The senseless brutality
A shimmering promise of changes to be.
Until death you fight
Take care only to trust
Just those that hunger to see an end to sorrow.
As the end draws near banding close becomes a must
Together promise to make a new tomorrow
Eyes straight ahead, fighting to live freely
Together all, toward that bright tomorrow.