Yume de Aru You ni (Like in a Dream)

Language: English

In my irritation of not being able to find the answer,
When was it that I started running around in circles
I shouldn't be able blame you for going to somebody else
Somehow I noticed Your illusion

Like in a dream, I wished so many times
Hanging my head, sadly repeating Your whispered words
In the heavy rain, My timid heart is strongly moved
I wanted to wash away all my sins

Hope and unease are raining down in this city
I searched for the road and
At my side, you looked at the map for me
It was a love that could walk while thinking of tender times

Like in a dream I close my eyes and think of that day
Of the two who held each other in the wind and smiled
And when the morning sun shines I want to be looking upon
The gentle vision of you sleeping in my arms

Like in a dream Shine eternally at the bottom of my heart!
It was the undisguised me who was with you day after day
Someday I shall start walking once again Toward the future I was picturing
Believe that even though you lose everything,
Something can come of it
For surely the meeting between the two of us was also
A miracle of a distant day