Song Voting Panel FAQ

Q: What is the song voting panel?

The voting panel allows you to vote on songs as you hear them on the radio. Click the green [ + ] button to vote up songs you like, and the red [ - ] button to vote down songs you don't enjoy. You already know what the help icon does, as you are reading the FAQ! There are also two select boxes on the right side of the panel. The first one lets you select the skin theme you would like to use, the second allows you to change between our two player modes: HTML5 and Icecast.

Q: How often can I vote on each of the songs?

You can vote on each song once every 24 hours. This timer does not reset at midnight, but rather 24 hours from the last time you voted for that particular song. This restriction is only in place for multiple votes on the same song. You may cast as many votes as you like during the day for different songs. Come back often to ensure your favourite songs level up!

Q: How many experience points does a song gain or lose per vote?

Each vote cast is worth one experience point. Positive votes will award songs +1 XP towards their next level. Negative votes will subtract -1 XP from their current level. Songs can't drop below 0 XP for their current level. If you cast a negative vote on a song with no experience points the vote will still be cast however the song will not lose any experience points. These negative votes still count, and voting statistics for the current song can be displayed by hovering over the level star.

Q: How many levels are there and what are their XP requirements?

The system currently has 15 levels for songs to achieve. Below you will find the XP chart explaining level requirements.

Level XP Needed Total XP
1 25 25
2 50 75
3 75 150
4 100 250
5 150 400
6 200 600
7 250 850
8 300 1150
9 400 1550
10 500 2050
11 750 2800
12 1000 3800
13 1500 5300
14 2000 7300
15 2500 9800